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Founder’s Story

Amidst a ferocious 3 years in her mid thirties, Erica Harris had come to stand not only as the survivor of an expected two month terminal prognosis, but further as the humbled and honoured recipient of both a bone marrow transplant and subsequently a double lung transplant.  Soon after, her once happy marriage proved to not withstand all of the trials and tribulations.  But yet, despite the many gruelling hardships, it is with full conviction that Erica shares she has been infinitely blessed by the journey she has travelled.   The darkest of days brought forth her brightest of rainbows.  She not only learned to fly, but she truly learned to soar.  Erica was knocked down again and again and again but with each fall she realized the harder she fell, the higher she learned to bounce.

In her “previous life” as she often refers to it, Erica served as a busy, high-energy businesswoman and had long been passionate about health and wellness. She carved out a successful career in the health care arena as a chiropractor and kinesiologist. Erica quickly became renowned in the athletic community of Vancouver. She founded, operated and subsequently sold a very successful multi-disciplinary  practice. Erica loved to help and inspire others to reach their personal health goals and did so by exemplifying a healthy lifestyle though active pursuits and the highest quality nutrition.

At the age of 35, Erica Harris was happily married and was a passionate young mom nursing her youngest son and taking her oldest to preschool; enjoying family adventures, hiking up mountains and skiing down them; attending mom and baby yoga classes one minute and professional conferences the next.

In turn, it came as such a tremendous shock when Erica learned she had a very aggressive form of leukaemia. She was admitted to hospital within hours of her diagnosis and faced a steep learning curve ahead. Her journey has been an emotional rollercoaster full of the most heart-wrenching moments and yet also the most beautiful blessings each and every step of the way. Thanks to the contributions and kindness bestowed by so many people, Erica “gets” to live, love and laugh and she “gets” to continue to be mama to her two precious boys.

She is now a nation-wide inspirational speaker and a coach for others navigating crisis. More recently, Erica has become a published author having contributed a chapter, “Wings to Fly” in the Silver Lining of Cancer – a collection of inspirational tales written by 13 collective authors.  Click here to read Erica’s beautifully crafted chapter.

Further, Erica has also shared her story with the Vancouver Sun and has made guest appearances on the Sunday Night Health Show with Maureen McGrath (December 18, 2017 & January 7, 2019).  The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society also shared Erica’s journey as one of 3 featured stories in celebration of World Cancer Day- click here to view.

She proudly sits on the board of directors for Zili Women’s Health and is an active volunteer with Canadian Blood Services, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society of  Canada and the West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation.  Erica lives in West Vancouver, Canada with her two beautiful boys.